10 Stupid Job titles in Digital Marketing

stupid digital marketing job titles

OK, so I work in Digital Marketing and have done for quite a while now mainly in the realms of SEO and PPC and it’s a pretty awesome area to work in to tell you the truth. However Digital Marketing is a new and emerging sector and is not a traditional career path for many young grads. Many digital marketers progress or fall into careers in digital marketing from other roles such as web development (me included!), off-line media, customer service roles and even accountancy. There are many different paths into the digital world and many different reasons people take those paths.

As a young industry, and due to the lack of official qualifications required, digital marketing covers a vast number of disciplines from search engine optimisation, display advertising, data analysis to pay per click advertising and attribution modelling. Due to this many job titles in the industry are new and simply made up to fit the roles. Roles such as ‘Social Media Guru’ have cropped up with the emergence of social media and the large part it plays in corporate life, however many of these jobs did not exist 10 years ago.

Looking through LinkedIn and various specialist Digital Marketing job sites you can often find some ridiculous digital marketing job titles that contain words like ‘awesome’, ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Guru’… but really, do you REALLY need a job title that describes how awesome you are? Isn’t that just a sure-fire way to #fail?! I list some of the most ridiculous job titles I’ve witnessed over the years.

1. SEO Rock Star

Seriously? Rock Star? Are you going to strum your SEO awesomeness in front of a crowd of hundreds of avid fans? No… You might have skills, but you’re certainly not a Rock Star. Calling yourself a Rock Star in SEO is a set up for failure when you can’t deliver the results your company is asking for. Not that you also don’t sound like a pretentious a-hole either.

2. Growth Hacker

This is a new one I witnessed on eConsultancy of all places. What exactly does a Growth Hacker do? Hack Growth? How can I hack growth? Apparently they are a mix of coder and marketer (actually explains me a bit), but come on this is a stupid job title that has no substance. Might look shiny on your business cards, but I’m sure 99.9% of people won’t know what you do and you probably couldn’t explain it to them anyway.

3. Senior SEO Guru

This one riles me up as bad as the Rock Star title, not only do you have to be a ‘Guru’, but you have to be a ‘Senior Guru’. That just conjures up images to me of an old wise, green, pointy eared guy in a toga building links and conjuring up pivot tables of awesomeness with some invisible force.

4. Social Media Visionary

What exactly is a Social Media Visionary? Can they see the future? Can they revolutionise the way a company interacts on Facebook? I’m pretty sure most of the population could do this job if they have a profile on Facebook.

5. SEO Ninja

This one might sound awesome and cool and all things ownage, but this one is actually one of the most common job titles I see on a regular basis. I don’t know how many SEO Ninja’s are out there, but I guess they have the power of stealth to their advantage.

6. Pay-Per-Click Prophet

No Joke, I have actually seen a job title advertised as this. Had to look at it twice to believe it, I’m pretty sure the population of Prophets who have awesome PPC skills is relatively small. As a religious icon you must lead the company to good fortune utilising your expert PPC skills. Seriously, just advertise for a PPC Manager – I would be more likely to apply.

7. Commander of Data

Commander of Data? Sounds like you should be commanding a starship or the like. “Must be a wizard in Excel”, “Must be able to command large amounts of data in a meaningful way”. Really who comes up with this rubbish?

8. Link-Building Champion

This one is not so bad, links might spout out of your pores like the beads of sweat when you’re challenging a lion in the Colosseum but calling yourself a ‘Champion’ is just setting yourself up for failure when your weak link building tactics get wiped out by Google’s next update.

9. Blogging Evangelist

I thought ‘Evangelist’ meant preaching the word of God? What does a Blogging Evangelist do? Preach the word of a company across the web? Sounds too airy-fairy for me.

10. Social Media Guru

Social Media Guru? Really? I could sit in my underwear all day on Facebook and Twitter and call myself a ‘Social Media Guru’. Even my Gran knows how to use Facebook, she’s probably more of a ‘Guru’ than some of the cowboys operating in the Soc Med field.

Got your own stupid digital marketing job title? How about creating your own with a stupid random digital marketing name generator I created. (by the way my own job title is actually ‘Chief King of SEO and Awesomeness’. 😉