Google adwords improves match type behaviour

Google Adwords Improving Matching Behaviour

If you’ve just logged into your Adwords account in the last day or two you will probably notice this little box popping up on your screen:Adwords shows this pop up message for improvements coming to exact and phrase match types.

This is actually rather big and exciting news for paid search marketers, the ability to capture variations and misspellings of keywords has been long awaited.

According to the official Google Adwords blog Google have been testing these changes with current advertisers and will begin rolling out changes to all accounts in mid-May – but what exactly will be changing in our accounts?

The biggest change will be the ability to capture misspelt keywords and close variations from single exact and phrase match keywords, whereas at this moment we have to maintain large numbers of keyword misspellings and variations to capture this audience.

Take the keyword “order groceries online”, right now only that keyterm would trigger an ad. While with the new changes “order grocerees online” or “ordr groceris online” would also trigger an ad. Google also states that it will match close variants, which could mean that for the same keyword variants such as “buy groceries online” or “order groceries on-line” would trigger. Organic search has had this matching behaviour for a while now and it’s about time it came to paid search, although it does give us paid search marketers a bit of work to do!

Organic matching behaviour

I am sure we are all familiar with our ‘typo’ campaigns, usually containing tens or hundreds of misspelt keywords, brand terms and close variants. With these changes comes the ability to do away with most of this and the maintenance associated with it. Google has also stated that it will enable an option to turn the matching behaviour off which will be found under campaign settings in the advanced settings section.

I’m looking forward
to mid-May!

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  1. Good post, but I think that these changes may impact performance and inevitably ROI. They also seem to undermine the very value of exact and phrase match types.


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