11 Months Since Posting! What’s Happened?

Dec 23, 2013 No Comments by

I’m not dead! I recently looked back at this blog and realised that my last post was in January 2013, where has the time gone?! Well 2013 has been a pretty busy, no let me rephrase – hectic year for me to date. One of the main reasons has been my shift in job earlier […]

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The SEO Spamographic

Jan 24, 2013 No Comments by

The SEO Spamographic! ┬áJust a bit of Friday fun What do you get when you combine spammy SEO’s and spammy SEO tactics like infographics? The results? A totally awesome spamographic like the one below! The SEO Spam-o-Graphic – A total piece of spam from Malcolm Gibb. Embed The SEO Spam-o-Graphic on Your Site: Copy and […]

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The End of (Not Provided) Keyword Data in Google Analytics

Dec 22, 2012 9 Comments by

OK…. so maybe not the end after all, but this filter leads to data which is a hell of a lot more useful and actionable than having (not provided) in your organic traffic sources in Analytics. If you didn’t know (well you probably do as you are here) Google strips out keyword information for organic […]

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Why Does Bing Suck?

Oct 19, 2012 2 Comments by

An Open Letter to the Bing Design Team Dear Bing, I somehow found myself on your site today, it’s been a while since I visited last but I was extremely curious when I was looking in Analytics that 1 visitor had came from a bing search query! I immediately hopped over to Bing to double […]

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Why the Shiny New Google Disavow Links Tool is Bad News

Oct 18, 2012 1 Comment by

If you’ve not been hiding under a rock for the last 24 hours you should know by now from the intense flurry of tweets, duplicated blog posts and debate that Google has brought out a new tool for Google Webmaster Tools called the ‘Link Disavow Tool’. Webmasters and SEO’s alike have been waiting or for […]

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10 Stupid Job titles in Digital Marketing

Sep 13, 2012 1 Comment by

OK, so I work in Digital Marketing and have done for quite a while now mainly in the realms of SEO and PPC and it’s a pretty awesome area to work in to tell you the truth. However Digital Marketing is a new and emerging sector and is not a traditional career path for many […]

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Top 10 SEO Blogs You Should Be Reading

Jul 05, 2012 2 Comments by

Like every SEO I am a complete information junkie for the latest trends in SEO and often find myself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available to me on a daily basis. For many over-connected SEO’s it can be a job in itself to source the best SEO information from an overwhelmingly large number […]

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