11 Months Since Posting! What’s Happened?

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I’m not dead! I recently looked back at this blog and realised that my last post was in January 2013, where has the time gone?! Well 2013 has been a pretty busy, no let me rephrase – hectic year for me to date. One of the main reasons has been my shift in job earlier in the year, at the start of the year I was working with a media agency in Edinburgh – MediaVision developing their SEO product.

As 2013 has been a prolific year for conglomerate media mergers across the board (Publicis Omnicom, Dentsu-Aegis etc..) our agency was merged within the Aegis group and we were set up as iProspect Edinburgh. I’m now working as Head of Search at iProspect Edinburgh leading a team of search marketers and developing our product. It’s been an extremely exciting time, but also an extremely busy one! One of the main advantages in working with a top digital agency is the exposure to cutting edge techniques, new features and brilliant talent. Apart from this it’s also been a steep learning curve moving away from the day to day kind of work you’d expect in search to managing a team and account directing, although I’m really looking forward to 2014 and the challenges ahead.

Also realising that a lot of my opinion pieces on the blog are rather contrarian to the search industry, I have most likely refrained from a lot of the search topics that really get me going like SEO spam or privacy – anyway my main goal coming into 2014 is to re-work this blog and get more regular content up here.

I’ve not really done much else this year except focus on work and personal relationships, however I did manage to do one thing I’ve been wanting to build for ages – A tropical fish tank:

Amazonian Kribensis Fish TankI really wanted to create a Star Trek themed tank (but there were some objections ;) ) so I opted for an Amazonian theme and filled it with Kribensis Cichlids:

Kribensis Fry


Kribs are great tropical fish, brightly coloured and interesting in groups. They do, however spawn like wild (as you can see in the picture, loads of tiny little fish!) so now I have quite a few additions to the tank.

Anyway, as the year is nearly up I’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a brillian New Year! 2014 here we come!


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