Quality score insight improvement

Improvements to Quality Score Insights & Account Labels

Google have yet again unveiled changes to the Adwords interface that may be useful to marketers. Last week we saw the announcement of improving match types with plural and mispelling matching, while this week we are seeing an added improvement to the visibility of Quality Score indicators.

Google improves quality score transparency
Google has added useful quality score indicators to improve quality score transparency

Now, when you are in your account and hover over the speech bubble you will see additional information including Expected CTR, Ad relevance and landing page experience – all indicators of overall Quality Score. These changes do not affect the way Quality Score is calculated, but should give some insight into why we have certain quality scores and how we can improve on them.

Another change Google has announced they are implementing at the same time are account labels. This change should see the ability to label and organise keywords into categories.

Google introduces adwords account labels
Google is now allowing us to label keywords into groups to organise and segment data.

Labels will enable the ability to organise campaigns in meaningful way. In the example above, we would be able to run reports on how sneaker style keywords perform against boots or other shoe types. Labels can be reported on via the Dimensions tab as below.

Keyword level account reporting from keyword account labels

I believe these changes will be useful for some scenarios, i.e. reporting on specific brand keywords vs. non brand, although that should really be down to account structure instead of labelling. I believe labels shouldn’t really be needed for this reason if accounts are structured properly.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with all the changes taking place in Adwords. Looking forward to see what else Google will announce soon.