Top 10 SEO Blogs you should be reading

Top 10 SEO Blogs You Should Be Reading

Like every SEO I am a complete information junkie for the latest trends in SEO and often find myself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available to me on a daily basis. For many over-connected SEO’s it can be a job in itself to source the best SEO information from an overwhelmingly large number of blogs, feeds and tweets. I thought I would list the top 10 best SEO blogs that I read on a daily basis to keep up to date with the latest trends and information. By no means a definitive list, but these are some of the top and most respected SEO blogs you SHOULD be reading!

#1 SEOMoz + YouMoz

Why I read it: As a PRO member of SEOMoz I find the blogs and Q&A sections to be hugely valuable sources of information stemming from like-minded professionals especially in the YouMoz section where posts are user generated. There are some deeply interesting SEO topics discussed in there that would be hard to find elsewhere. The SEOMoz official blog also contains promoted posts from the best of the user generated YouMoz posts as well as brilliant insight from the SEOMoz team. Rand also hosts a short WhiteBoard Friday video which often gives some nice advice, although I still take an independent approach and don’t take everything they say as gospel.

#2 Search Engine Watch

Why I read it: I really like Search Engine Watch, they often have great posts on the latest trends in the SEO world from latest algorithm updates to tips on content strategies and link building. SEW has been around for as long as I can remember and the best thing I like about it is that they also post about other channels that interest me such as PPC and Analytics. The only downside is that because of all the other channels they are not a purist SEO blog and articles can often be hit or miss.

#3 Inside Search – Google Official

Why I read it: The Official Google Search blog is THE place to always check up on. Google post in detail about their latest updates to algorithms (albeit not in advance :(), insights about current search trends and new features. Posts are few and far between, but when they post you better be sure and read it! Posts are generally not about SEO in general but more focused on Google Search trends and insights, but this information can often be invaluable to your search efforts. Well worth subscribing their feed into your reader!

#4 Search Engine Land

Why I read it: Search Engine Land has been around for years and is by far one of the most updated and respected SEO information sources on the net. Posts are fast and furious and SEL is probably one of the most updated and frequent SEO blogs on the net. SEL covers both SEO, PPC and the search industry in general and gathers its posts from a variety of authors. Most of the posts on SEL are user-generated and although most posts are generally high quality I often find it can be a hit or miss situation with SEL, some sub-standard posts seem to slip in there from time to time. Because of this I list it down at #4, it is still a definite read and should be subscribed in your feeds!

#5 SEO by The Sea

Why I read it: SEO by the Sea run by Bill Slawski is a niche in itself. Bill covers topics ranging from search technologies, patent applications and algorithmic changes while taking a unique approach to writing. SEO by the Sea is a great read for insightful ideas behind SEO and search technology. Bill often writes posts that challenge ideas and engage conversation such as the recent Can you automate and Patent SEO. If you haven’t been there yet head on over and subscribe.

#6 Blogstorm 

Why I read it: Blogstorm updates it’s Blog less frequent than many of the others listed, but most posts are of much superior quality and uniqueness than many other blogs that write posts daily. They often seem to be on the ball and write about changes in the search landscape in detail as they happen which can take other blogs a while to respond. Definitely worth checking out once a month or so!

#7 Blind Five Year Old

Why I read it: Probably a relatively unknown blog in the SEO community, but Blind Five Year Old run by AJ Kohn is a great read with a fun twist. I stumbled across this blog a few months ago through SEO by the Sea (#5) and often find myself reading through AJ’s blog posts in my feed list. I find his posts extremely interesting, not only does he write around unique concepts, but goes into a great level of detail to explain the idea while taking a uniquely fun twist such as his recent post about Twitter Cards.

#8 Econsultancy

Why I read it: Econsultancy is not a blog purely focused on SEO, but provides some very good reading on all topics of digital marketing. Econsultancy is well worth reading as they are a widely accepted industry leading organisation in digital marketing and provide some great industry reports, insight and case studies. Although posts are generally not about SEO, link building or technical SEO techniques you can gain some real-world digital marketing insight and up to date trends through their work with large brands. Great for learning about cross channel trends from real world studies, search topics are generally far and few between but an excellent source of information nonetheless.

#9 Search Engine Journal

Why I read it: Some SEO’s may be surprised to find SEJ this far down, but I couldn’t place it any higher in my opinion. It’s still a well respected and industry recognised search marketing blog with some very useful posts, although I feel the quality of posts has dropped along the wayside over the last 12 months and I find that other SEO blogs are posting a much higher calibre of posts than SEJ. Still a decent read and mixes tactical and strategic search topics as well as the search industry in general.

#10 Matt Cutts

Why I read it: I would have placed Matt Cutts blog in the #10 spot, but he rarely posts anything regarding SEO on his blog nowadays. Although as the Google Spam Lord himself, every SEO should be aware of Matt Cutts and take heed of anything he says (although you don’t have to agree with him!). He will often be a bit sly in announcing upcoming changes to Google algorithms such as tweeting so it’s well worth following him on all of your social channels and readers anyway.

Well that was my list of top 10 SEO blogs that you should be reading, it’s not a  definitive list but the best of what I read on a daily basis. I have many more sources of information and get a lot of my reading lists from twitter peeps I’m following (follow me @malcolm_gibb). My Google Reader subscriptions are overflowing, so I often need to make a top list folder to keep the best and most frequent updated SEO blogs in. I will be updating this list with some more resources as time goes on

What are your best sources of information for SEO trends, insights and techniques? Is there a blog missing here that you think should be in the list?

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    I’ll say perfect 10 list. Al of these blogs are one of the best blogs in SEO industry. Some of the other blogs which you can read are Sate of search & Google Webmaster Blog.

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