Bing Search page has many design flaws

Why Does Bing Suck?

Bing Search page has many design flaws

An Open Letter to the Bing Design Team

Dear Bing,

I somehow found myself on your site today, it’s been a while since I visited last but I was extremely curious when I was looking in Analytics that 1 visitor had came from a bing search query! I immediately hopped over to Bing to double check some rankings. What I discovered next horrified me to my core.

Your site pains me and not in that migraine pain kind of way, but the kind of pain that hurts to see that you are failing in every way when you could be so easily succeeding and taking the market share you’ve been ever-longing to steal off of Google.

I don’t personally use your site for searching – I use Google as it’s very simple, you just type in what you’re looking for and it will instantly give you your desired results. I don’t think this is the case with your site, it doesn’t even feel like a search engine but more like a photographers portfolio site. I literally forgot that there was the ability to search for things on your site, as when I entered I was so distracted at how slow your moving video background was moving.

Aesthetics are all well and good, but functionality is the key that will drive your revenue and increase profits – you don’t need me to tell you that (or maybe you do?). Have a look at my extremely in-depth analysis screenshot attached, there are several key things wrong with your design:

1. You have a moving background – Do you know how slow this loaded on my virtual machine? It almost crashed the browser

2. I don’t really want to hover over parts of the background to find out more, my aim is to search for the thing I came here to search for!

3. You may think that offering downloads for a browser toolbar will increase your market share, but am I hell going to download it or add any kind of toolbar to my browser (you’d be better bundling it into free software as a must-install)

4. What’s the Point? – I was expecting some kind of textual information here, when I clicked I was faced with a map of some ‘Point’ in Canada. I’m in the UK bing, detect my IP please.

5. There is no need to put ‘popular searches’ on your homepage. This isn’t Twitter, it’s not a popularity contest it’s a search engine!

I applaud your ambition and creativity and as a fellow web designer appreciate the aesthetic side of things, however why not keep it simple?

I have attached a new design for Bing you can even use this for FREE – take it as a gift and I won’t even take credit if Bing takes even 1% extra share from Google!

New Bing Design proposal
Keep it simple Bing

Kind Regards,

Malcolm Gibb

2 thoughts on “Why Does Bing Suck?

  1. 1. Why are you surfing the net using a virtual machine? Google had the background images setting until very recently as well.

    2. Ok, your not forced to hover over the information boxes… Its an added feature for people that maybe interested in the background image.

    3. That POV is coming from someone that probably doesn’t use IE… Am I right? Actually some users like having toolbars, even though I personally HATE them. Also, Google advertised the Google toolbar and browser in search results and on the homepage… So whats the difference?

    4. Sounds more like the browser you were using, I have used that before and it gets my location to Manchester (even though I am in Dunfermline but thats just because of the office Internet being filtered through Manchester).

    5. Google have the exact same thing… Actually most search engines have trending topics… I don’t see the big deal, if your wanting to use it then great.

    Why would Bing, a search engine that wants to be different and cater for a different audience want to look exactly like Google?

    Saying you don’t use Bing because you have Google is like saying you don’t use Twitter because you have a Facebook account. Both may be in the same niche but they have 2 totally different uses.

    Bing is becoming your social search engine where as Google is just trying to force users into Google+ for social searching.

  2. Malcolm,

    As a respond to point 5. (I’m a Windows Phone user)
    Bing doesn’t work at all in Europe. So for me and the rest of the World not living in the States, Google is the only good search engine. However Microsoft forces people to use Bing on the Windows Phone. If Nathan speaks for Microsoft. If Bing is Twitter and Google is Facebook.. I’d like to choose for myself if I’d use Facebook or Twitter.
    These weeks will be the last for me as a WP user though.. Microsoft just lost another costumer who had sent many letters about improvements on there products… Actually.. They were not really improvements as everything that wad good about Windows Mobile they left out in Windows Phone. Only to replace with the bad things iPhone has…
    What I try to say is. I think Microsoft has gone retarded.

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