Possibly the Most Horrendous Creation of all Time?

After a bit of a drunken clear out of my network the other night I stumbled across something that horrified me. I thought I’d forgotten about this abomination, I was sure I set fire to all the copies and vowed never to speak of it again… yet it’s come back from the depths of hell for your amusement.

For those of you that don’t know, my time at university basically consisted of a multitude of object orientated drinking and going out programming. If you’re really that interested in what I was doing (even I’m not!) you can check out an awesome dissertation on cross-site manipulation of content management systems. However, I digress – I graduated back in 2009 (Abertay University) from a techy web development course which aimed to teach us all about the finer side of web site development, PHP, MySQl, all that malarky. The course also attempted to bring some creative web and multimedia design into the forefront of our minds touching on wireframing, graphic design and to our amusement video production.

One of our modules consisted of having to create a short video production with full storyboarding. At the time I didn’t much care for the module as I believed it had nothing to do with web development, anyway I got on with it and decided to go down the satirical route and create a spoof advert – much like the awesome sketches that Peter Serafinowicz used to do such as ‘Elephants & Trains Magazine‘ or the ever illustrious ‘Rings & Tings‘.

I present to you…. ‘Cats & Castles Magazine’!

You and I would be sorely surprised that I managed to blag an A grade for this.

Here is the front cover that I skillfully put together:

Cats & Castles Magazine
Yes, I did add that crown to a picture of a moggy.

Oh, and the inside pages!

Cats & Castles Magazine
I really think I should have pursued a career in publishing.

I know, I know I do have a bit of a warped mind but it’s all in the name of comedy.